• Winter Storage

  • Keep your boat safe at Donovan’s Shady Harbor Marina this winter.


    With a near perfect geographic/nautical position Shady Harbor Marina has successfully survived the large storms of the last few years with virtually no damage. Land that lies higher than other local marinas coupled with a nautical position that lends the marina to less effect to rain storms has helped Shady Harbor withstand previous storms much more successfully than many other local marinas.


    Indoor: Call for Pricing, limited availability

    Outdoor on Your Trailer: $38.00/ft.

    Outdoor with Stand & Block: $40.00/ft.

    Outdoor Sailboat with Cradle: $42.00/ft.

    Outdoor Sailboat WITHOUT Cradle: Call for Pricing

    In-Season Yard Storage: $66.00/ft


    Winter Storage Includes:

    • Haul out
    • Power wash from water line down*
    • Blocking
    • Storage Space
    • Relaunch in the Spring

    *Power washing is a cold water wash only. Any additional needs such as marine growth or stains requiring chemical wash or scraping are performed at an additional cost.


    Contract and Payment Schedule:


    Winter Land Storage begins on September 1st and ends no later than May 1st. Haul out dates will begin the week of September 1st and will end no later than the week of October 20th. Any vessels remaining in the yard beyond May 1st, without a paid seasonal dockage contract, will be subject to In-Season Land Storage charges.


    Winter Storage contracts are processed electronically through Dockwa.com and are due by September 1st.


    Payment Options for Winter Storage:

    • Credit Card Payment, automatically billed in 2 installments: September 15th and October 20th.
    • Cash or Check for Full Payment due with contract by September 15th

    We also offer complete winterization and shrink-wrapping services at competitive rates.