Meet Our Team

It’s all hands on deck at Shady Harbor Marina

Brian & Kathy Donovan, Owners

Chuck Quinn, Service Manager

Sean Allen, Service Technician

Mel Perkins, Fiberglass and Wood Restoration Technician

Brian Sedgwick, Canvas Repairs
Shady Harbor hours: Saturdays 8am – 12pm and by appointment

Shelly Terhune, Ship Store

Priscilla Court, Ship Store

Morgan LaDuke, Ship Store and Dockhand

Jansen Morehouse, Lead Dockhand

Howard Carney, Yard Maintenance

Brian Lydon, Dockhand

Johnny Orsino, Dockhand

Ian Mayo, Dockhand

Matthew McHugh, Dockhand

Store Hours: 9am - 6pm Sunday -Thursday and 9am - 7pm Friday and Saturday