“Our goal is to turn the boat buying & selling process into

a simple & enjoyable experience.”

At Donovan’s Shady Harbor Marina, we go above and beyond to ensure that we can make the boat buying and selling experience simple and enjoyable.

From experienced staff, to top-notch service, and professional connections, the knowledge and resources available to you when you partner with Donovan’s Shady Harbor Marina will make your transaction simple and smooth.

By taking the negotiations and guesswork (and paperwork) out of your buying or selling process, you will have more time to enjoy your passion for boating.


SHM_8406-BFrom finding the right boat for you, all the way to the closing process, Donovan’s Shady Harbor Marina can help guide you through the entire boat buying process. From start to finish, we will listen closely to your wants and needs to ensure that the process is simple and fun, all while ensuring that you are getting the best value for your boat.

With our close partnerships with the marine industry’s top lenders, our sales staff will help you get pre-approved for financing. In addition, we have extensive experience in fulfilling paperwork requirements. We provide services to help you make the initial offer, purchase, license and register your boat, offer services to simplify paying taxes and other fees, and everything in between.

As a Professional Broker, we will represent you as we help facilitate the purchase of your boat. By partnering with Shady Harbor, you will reduce the hazards and stresses of conducting a private transaction not involving a broker.

Additionally, we offer extended warranty plans and insurance services. After the sale, our marina can assist with everything from repairs and dockage, to transportation and boat handling courses.



Extensive marketing and visibility are just the beginning of Donovan’s Shady Harbor’s brokerage service process.


In addition to traditional marketing techniques, our sales professionals utilize industry-specific resources to ensure that you are getting the best possible price for your boat.

By travelling to boat shows all along the Hudson River, we are able to showcase your boat to those most interested in boating. We continue our marketing campaigns for brokered boats by utilizing a wide variety of strategies including direct mail, local print advertising, and MLS listing sites such as Yachtworld to name a few.

More importantly, we know that no two boats (or their owners) are alike, we will come out to your vessel to meet you and spend time on your boat to learn its features, condition, and benefits. This will help us to best showcase your boat to potential buyers as well as enable us to perform extensive and accurate research on your boat’s market value. Our access to non-public market resources gives us a better understanding of current trends, sales, and market values. Upon completion of our research, we will write a customized listing that will ensure that you are getting a fair price for your boat.

With a focus on industry knowledge and customer satisfaction, our goal is to make the boat buying and selling process into a simple and enjoyable experience.

There is NO CHARGE to list your vessel, so even if you are just thinking about it, let us know and we will begin our selling campaign on your boat and let you know if anything comes to the table.


If you are interested in Shady Harbor’s brokerage services, please contact the Marina Office at 518-756-8001 or email

Store Hours: 9am - 6pm Sunday -Thursday and 9am - 7pm Friday and Saturday